Welcome to my web site! I’m Benjamin, aka Ben Fitts. It’s nice to meet you.

I put together this site as a resource for you to learn more about me.

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Posts from Ben’s blogs:

Did you know Send Out Cards is close to sending our 100,000,000 card and our 3,000,000 gift? The person that sends that card or gift gets $1000 cash! As of November 5th, we are at 98,934,412 total cards sent and … Continue reading → Post from the Custom Greeting Cards Guy, [...]
Wed, Nov 06, 2013
Source: The Custom Greeting Card Guy
If you are in the United States, today is the 4th of July. It is the anniversary of our “independence day”. It is a national holiday with parades, and fireworks, and of course BBQ! The BBQ could be a great time for you to develop your warm market. It could [...]
Thu, Jul 04, 2013
Source: Home Business Blogs
One of the problem I see with a lot of MLM companies is their products offer temporary solutions. Let’s ruffle a few million feathers Take the average health and wellness MLM. (I say average, not all.) The average health and wellness MLM is built upon a super vitamin and cool [...]
Mon, Jul 01, 2013
Source: Home Business Blogs
I thought perhaps that headline would get your attention! The REAL benefit of a network marketing business is that it is a part-time business.  It is a business you can start in your extra time while you still work your job and take care of your family obligations. YET a [...]
Mon, Jun 24, 2013
Source: Home Business Blogs
Have you ever wondered what size graphics to use on various social media sites? Facebook cover photos, your profile photo… or how many lines of text you can use without it resetting. How about Twitter? How about Linked In? Pinterest? Google+? Each social media site uses different sized images.  This [...]
Wed, Jun 19, 2013
Source: Home Business Blogs
This is part three of my series on how to sponsor distributors for your MLM Opportunity at a BNI or a business networking meeting.  In my first post on the topic I discussed how to present your product since BNI meetings don’t allow you to talk about your opportunity. In [...]
Sat, May 18, 2013
Source: Home Business Blogs