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About Ben

Ben Fitts and Tallulah

Benjamin Fitts

Nicknames: Ben, Fittsy, Jett James (there’s a story behind that one.)

Location: Austin, TX, United States
(I’ve lived all over the US)

Profession: Full Time Network Marketer

Company: Send Out Cards

Age: 40

Relationship Status: Single (Divorced)

Kids: None

Pets: Hairless cats

Hobbies: Fine Art, Skateboarding, Soccer, Reading, Movies, Travel

Fun tidbits:

I  rode skateboards in Jr. High and High School. I was good but not great.  For a High School project we started a fake business, send letters to distributors, made a budget, etc. My parents liked my project so much we started our own Skateboard Shop.  As a senior in high school I ran my own skateboard shop!

I played a little college soccer. I mostly rode the bench but it was a lot of fun.  I have at times been very involved in professional soccer in the US helping support Major League Soccer when it was starting out. I was a part of the New England Revolution fan club and even drew cartoons for their fan zine.

I was also on Wheel of Fortune with my mother Christmas eve and day 1992.  It was a lot of fun!  Vannah White is one of the sweetest people around. For the 20th anniversary one of my friends found one of our episodes on YouTube.  My mom was amazing!  We were on the day before as well and the top 3 families came back for the final day to see who is family of the year. Watch on YouTube here.

How I discovered MLM:

I was an internet geek. We were that first generation of kids who all had the Internet in college. When we got out of school it was easy for us to get jobs because the internet was expanding and every company was looking for people with internet experience.  I thought I’d work hard for a few years, the company would go public, and I’d make a lot of money. Just like the Google and Yahoo people did.  That didn’t work out for me though. The companies I was working for never made it big. I got laid off 3 times not because I was a bad employee… but because of the market. One company ran out of money. Another company got bought out by a bigger company. A third company closed the Boston office to move the employees back to Kansas City.

I had been exposed to network marketing by my dad and grandpa. I don’t think either were very successful but they had shown me it was an ok business. I wasn’t afraid of it being a scam.

When I first started network marketing I was in college. My sponsor was a friend. His sponsor was an uncle (who didn’t even live nearby.)  We had very little upline support. I still got my 20 customers and made some small checks.  Then I went into the dot.com world and forgot about network marketing.

When the dot.com bubble burst it was a shock. I’d gone from having 3-4 job offers at a time to not being able to find work. I had to take a $10,000 pay cut and move out of the area to get a job. I hated what I was doing (contracting in a Government job.) That’s when I decided to look for something better.  I remembered those small checks I had received from network marketing in college.  I figured if I could find a good sponsor or mentor I could be more successful.

My Philosophy on MLM:

I love MLM. I’ve been doing it now for 12 years. I’ve been with my company for 9 of those 12 years!  I’m one of the top distributors in the company and am proud to say on a given month that 8 to 10 of the top 50 distributors in the company are from my team.

I am a systems guy. I’ve built some marketing web sites to help my team grow their business. I give these tools to my team free.  I know I could probably make a bunch of money selling these tools but I feel it is important to help my team. If they have the right tools to succeed and if those tools are free, we’ll all use them more. That means we’ll all get more customers and we’ll all make more money!  So far this philosophy seems to be working! 🙂

We try to do special things to support our team. Not only do we have my web sites that everyone can use but we also have a Facebook group for communicating with one another.

We frequently do special events whether or not it is a dinner or a formal team party.  We have even gone on a team cruise a couple times. In 2014 we’re going to Alaska for a week and then on an Alaskan cruise for another week!

Why Send Out Cards:

Send Out Cards is unique to me in the MLM business. It is one of the few companies that offers a better product than the stores at a lower cost.  How can we do that? We are applying a Netflix business model. Just like Netflix put Blockbuster and the local video stores out of business we hope to do the same to Hallmark and American Greetings.  We don’t have the expensive overhead they do so we can keep our prices low while still paying our distributors very well.

We also don’t have a lot of competition.  With health and nutrition for example anyone can setup a new business with $50,000 and an idea. They can get a factory to produce a product, put a label on it, buy a web site, and buy MLM software to manage everything.

With Send Out Cards just one of our Xerox Igen4 printers is $650,000 and we have 4 of them.  Producing the web site with 14,000 greeting cards is also very expensive. (A typical Hallmark store has 1500-2000 cards.)  It would be very expensive for  a competitor to come in and compete with us!

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